Educational Broadband Use Driving Demand in Conne River, Newfoundland

By Jennifer Leask If you ask Rod Jeddore , Education Director for St. Anne’s school in , what being “circled” in a classroom is, the answer is different than what you expect. “It’s the circle on the screen, when something is loading, loading, loading….” said Jeddore. Jeddore and other residents of Conne River provide a[…]

Residents of Natuashish struggle with slow, expensive connectivity

By Jennifer Leask No school smartboards, no telehealth, no Netflix, no Facebook, no Skype, no new Internet connections. Most Canadians wouldn’t have put up with those conditions years ago. But in the isolated community of Natuashish, it’s the modern reality. This community of 750 on the Northern coast of Labrador can only be accessed by[…]

Indigenous youth innovators and First Mile featured in Motherboard news story

Bandwidth: Kids Built Their Own Internet Infrastructure A story in Motherboard about how First Mile youth in the built and now operate their own broadband infrastructure. The story points to many other examples of innovation taking place in Indigenous communities across Canada, as showcased on the website. Three years ago, the people living in[…]

Bringing Healthcare Closer to First Nations Communities in B.C.

As of March 6, 2015, after months of planning, the Telehealth​ Expansion Project (FNTEP) is set to deploy new clinical telehealth equipment, beginning with Coastal and Interior communities in British Columbia. The telehealth equipment will offer rural communities (such as Anahim Lake, Klemtu, Three Corners, Bella Coola, Hartley Bay and many others) the opportunity to access healthcare[…]

Resources about First Nations Community Networks

Read more about First Nations Community Networks and Aboriginal-led broadband development projects in Canada French Publication #35-F Read more than 70 stories of First Nations community broadband development located on this website Explore these stories on a Google Map that shows their distribution across Canada Digital Divides and the ‘First Mile’: Framing First Nations Broadband[…]

Community First Mile Stories

These community stories showcase innovative uses of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) by First Nations communities across Canada. They were written in collaboration with members of First Nations communities and organizations. In all cases the stories that appear here have been verified by organization and/or community members. Thank-you to all the community members who helped[…]

Tyendinaga takes control of the First Mile

First Mile Field Notes : Tyendinaga takes control of the First Mile By Rob McMahon, Kevin Maracle and Chris Maracle Note: This is an introduction to Tyendinaga’s First Mile connectivity story – in the coming months, community-produced videos will offer more detail of the history of community-driven technology development in Tyendinaga… High-speed broadband fibre runs[…]

Grunt Gallery, Beatnation and Online Aboriginal Hip Hop Youth Culture

‘The Witness’ by Bunky Echo Hawk Rapper and Writer Ostwelve Ron Harris Still shot from Leena Minifie’s ‘Geeka’ Beat Nation and grunt gallery : Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture, based in Vancouver B.C., is a virtual community featuring young Aboriginal artists from across Canada, the United States, and South America with one First Nations artist, Ron[…]

Sunchild E-Learning Centre

On August 19, 2010 the Sunchild E-Learning Centre celebrated its tenth year of delivering quality distance education to Aboriginal learners throughout Alberta and the NWT. The Sunchild E-learning Centre started when, “[i]n 1999, members of the Sunchild First Nation considered the lack of education in their community and decided alternative methods were needed to reach Aboriginal[…]

Community Hubs and First Nations in B.C.

Community Hubs, Health and First Nations – British Columbia Wednesday, 5 October 2011, 05:32 AM By Mark Matthew When the Transformative Change Accord (TCA), the First Nations Health PlanTripartite First Nations Help Plan (TFNHP) were signed, First Nations Health Directors and Managers in B.C. made it clear that implementing the TFNHP was not something that[…]