New book available for download – Stories from the First Mile: Digital technologies in remote and rural Indigenous communities

April 16, 2018 — Across Canada, remote and rural Indigenous communities have been building and delivering broadband services to people in rural and remote communities. A new book celebrates the achievements of these communities associated with the First Nations Innovation (FNI) research project (2005-2018), and the First Mile Connectivity Consortium (2013-ongoing).

During the 13 years of producing many research publications and presentations, training many graduate students, working with dozens of First Nations, and engaging in public outreach, policy and regulatory activities, FNI and FMCC have contributed a wealth of information and stories. This work was made possible through funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Canada (SSHRC), Canada Internet Registry Association (CIRA) and the partner organizations.

The work happening in these remote and rural Indigenous communities across Canada consistently highlights the effective use of digital information and communication technologies. This book is intended to celebrate the stories of Indigenous innovation and struggles against systemic and circumstantial obstacles, like political silos, lack of infrastructures and challenging environments, and to encourage others to continue this important effort.

About the First Mile Connectivity Consortium (FMCC)

The FMCC is an award-winning incorporated, independent, national not-for-profit association. Our members are First Nation Internet service providers that also represent residents in remote and rural First Nation communities. Importantly, our member organizations support broadband-enabled public services such as online education and telehealth, as well as services for household consumers. The FMCC associate members are university and private sector researchers and others interested in Indigenous and community communications and telecommunication services for the public good.

Download the book from this link.

Download a word document with links to all the FNI project publications.

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