Huawei Technologies shipping 5G base stations to Europe, Middle East & South Korea

From Huawei Has Shipped 10K 5G Basestations Outside China 11/20/2018 Huawei said it has now shipped more than 10,000 5G basestations to operators in Europe, the Middle East and South Korea in a sign of momentum for the next-generation technology and its biggest supplier. Ken Hu, the Chinese vendor’s rotating chairman, cited the figure as[…]

Northern remote communities partner with academics to test mobile mesh networking technology

From U of G Computer Scientists Part of $2.13-Million Project to Improve Data Sharing in Northern, Remote Places Friday, November 2, 2018 Nic Durish It’s called Canada’s digital divide, one that University of Guelph researchers aim to help bridge. Improving communications, information-sharing and health and environmental monitoring through better mobile connectivity in Northern and remote[…]

ISED Connectivity in Rural and Remote Areas gets poor grades from Auditor General

From 2018 Fall Reports of the Auditor General of Canada to the Parliament of Canada Report 1—Connectivity in Rural and Remote Areas Table of Contents Introduction Background Rural and remote connectivity 1.1Accessibility to broadband high-speed Internet continues to lag behind for certain population groups in Canada, notably communities in rural and remote areas. This is despite[…]

New CRTC Broadband Fund investing $750M in rural & remote telecom infrastructure

The new CRTC Broadband Infrastructure fund will use comparative selection process and includes community consultation requirements, including with respect to “any established or asserted Aboriginal or treaty rights” (para 219-224). From CRTC announces details of the Broadband Fund $750-million fund to improve broadband Internet access services in underserved areas September 27, 2018 – Ottawa-Gatineau – Canadian[…]

KRG receives millions to construct FTTH and sub-sea fibre network to serve Nunavik remote communities

From Remote Inuit communities will benefit from first-time access to modern high-speed Internet Nunavik residents to get new or faster Internet access thanks to investments from governments of Canada and Quebec August 22, 2018 – Kuujjuaq, Quebec Internet access is more than just a convenience: citizens, communities, businesses and institutions need it to find information, offer[…]

KNET and WJBTN access ISED funding to expand network services in remote First Nations

From .. Rural and remote communities in northern Ontario will benefit from faster Internet Residents in six communities to get new or faster Internet access thanks to Government of Canada investment August 2, 2018 – Sioux Lookout, Ontario Internet access is more than just a convenience: communities, businesses and institutions need it to offer new services and create new[…]

All 14 Nunavik communities to get cellphone, mobile service

From Nunavik May 31, 2018 All 14 Nunavik communities to get cellphone, mobile service Service should be rolled out in three or four weeks SARAH ROGERS A Tamaani technician checks out some of the service providers’ equipment in Kuujjuaq during upgrades done in 2015 to implement 4G technology throughout the region. Starting next month, Tamaani and[…]

WJBTN and KNET working with First Nations partners and Ontario gov’t to upgrade community networks

From Rural and northern Internet service gets nearly $10M boost Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation announces funding to improve Internet capacity in both rural Thunder Bay area and Far North communities like Fort Severn First Nation. by: Matt Vis Fort Severn First Nation Chief Paul Burke speaks at a Tuesday, April 3, 2018 news conference to[…]

Indigenous-led transmission project to connect 16 remote First Nations communities to provincial power grid

from This construction project will include a First Nation owned fibre optic cable to support local community networks. Historic Indigenous-led transmission project to connect 16 remote First Nations communities to provincial power grid From Indigenous Services Canada March 22, 2018 – Thunder Bay, ON – Department of Indigenous Services Canada Access to electricity is key to[…]

ISED gives telecom industry millions to develop 5G-enabled technologies along Ontario-Quebec “corridor”

New Canadian partnership in next-generation wireless technology News release From Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Industry-led partnership with the governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec to develop 5G-enabled technologies March 19, 2018 – Ottawa ON Imagine a world where you start off the day right because your refrigerator has tracked how much food you have and[…]