Suggested points to make – Sample letter of support CRTC

Here is a suggested template you may want to draw on to intervene in the CRTC Hearings. According to the CRTC, the following information is needed in all interventions:

  • the file your intervention relates to (the notice, application or file number) as well as the applicant’s/licensee’s name;
  • whether you support or oppose the issue or application, or simply want to provide a comment;
  • details to support your position;
  • whether you wish to appear at the hearings in person or by videoconference/teleconference. Hearings for this issue are scheduled in Inuvik on June 17, 2013 and Whitehorse on June 19-20, 2013.

  • The deadline to submit these comments is May 9, 2013


Re: Submission to CRTC Notice Number 2012-699 (Review of Northwestel Inc.’s Regulatory Framework, Modernization Plan, and related matters)

Dear Secretary General,

While I am generally in favour of Northwestel’s plan to modernize its networks and services, I have some concerns over some details of the proposed Plan. It is my opinion that the Plan fails to leverage long-term economic, community and social development opportunities in remote communities.

I believe that governments, public service providers, entrepreneurs, and residents can work together to strategically develop broadband infrastructure to benefit of Northern residents. I think there should be clear opportunities and support for Northern organizations to develop and offer competitive digital services. These local and regional organizations can utilize open access broadband infrastructure as a platform for local innovation, community economic development, local employment, and the provision of public and community services. Finally, I believe that any modernization plan in the North must be developed through engagement and collaboration with affected individuals and communities, particularly in remote areas.

For these reasons, I am writing to express my support for the intervention submitted by the First Mile Connectivity Consortium and K’atl’odeeche First Nation.

Furthermore, as a resident of Northwestel’s service area, I would like to contribute some information about the proposed Modernization Plan and Northwestel’s current and future services. Specifically, I would like to provide the Commission with information about:

  • Problems I have had with communication services.

(if applicable, provide specifics in terms of any experience with dropped connections, slow speeds, service outages, etc).

  • Concerns about pricing and affordability of services.

(if applicable, provide specifics on current services or future services, billing issues, etc.)

  • Suggestions about the types of services needed for residents, community organizations, businesses, schools, etc.

(if applicable, provide specifics)

  • Suggestions about how broadband services could contribute to the social and economic development of my community and region.

(if applicable, provide specifics)

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to these Public Hearings. Respectfully,
<Your Name, Address>

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