FMCC members and board and FNI team meet in Fredericton

FMCC member organizations and the FMCC board of directors met in Fredericton on October 23, 24 and 25 to share information about their current and upcoming broadband, policy and regulatory activities. Also participating in the meetings were the partners in the First Nations Innovation (FNI) research project.The meetings included:

October 23: Participation at the UNB Peace and Friendship Treaty Days conference, including the conference opening speech by Dr. Pam Palmater, the Sunrise Ceremony by Elder Imelda Perley, and the keynote speech by Senator Daniel Christmas. The team also met to discuss the plans for the upcoming FMCC-FNI book.

October 24: Participation at the CANDO conference in Fredericton and presentations about the FMCC members and project by Penny Carpenter, Sally Braun, Tim Whiteduck and Rob McMahon

October 25: FMCC meeting at UNB. Participating at the meeting were:

  • Tim Whiteduck, FMCC Chair, First Nations Education Council
  • Penny Carpenter, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, KNET Services
  • Kevin Burton, FMCC Board, Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Helpdesk / Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey (by video)
  • Sally Braun, Western James Bay Telecom Network
  • Jason Rasevych, Matawa First Nations Management
  • Bill Murdoch, FMCC Board, First Nations Health and Social Services Secretariat, Manitoba
  • Nicholas Plouffe, Native Communications Society of NWT
  • Don Ginther, First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group, Alberta
  • Rob McMahon, FMCC Secretary and FNI Co-investigator, University of Alberta
  • Renée Fountain, FNI Co-investigator, Université Laval
  • Brian Beaton, FMCC Treasurer and FNI researcher, University of New Brunswick
  • Susan O’Donnell, FMCC Vice-Chair and FNI primary investigator, University of New Brunswick

Team at the October 25 meeting: