September 20, 2023

ISED 2022: Consultation on the Auction of Spectrum Licences for Wireless Communication Services in the 2300 MHz Band and Fixed Wireless Access in the 3500 MHz Band

On April 21 2023, FMCC submitted comments to the ISED consultation proceedings on spectrum licenses for wireless communications services in the 2300 MHz band and fixed wireless access in the 3500 MHz band. The FMCC submission calls on federal government to: stop sales of spectrum licenses and permits on First Nation territories until consultations on spectrum have been completed with First Nations governments; revisit, review and redefine decision making processes related to spectrum licensing that upholds First Nations’ rights, title and treaty rights; contribute capital and operational investments to support FN management of spectrum resources; eliminate fees to access currently unused spectrum; and support First Nation ownership of networks and access to spectrum.

Read the call for comments here

Read FMCC’s submission here