Getting involved in the World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) 2017

FMCC members, Susan O’Donnell and Brian Beaton, met via Skye on Jan 31, with Vladimir Stankovic who is with the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) program at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva. Vladimir is encouraging everyone to become involved in the WSIS process. His invitation reads: Please look into and start submitting your[…]

Rural Canada continues to face broadband challenges after years of gov’t & regulatory promises

From New Internet plan, same problems By Leeann Minogue,Editor Published: January 25, 2017 If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I live on a farm in southeast Saskatchewan where our Internet access is not exactly stellar. I’ve written in these pages that the Internet has become a basic service — something we absolutely need[…]

Broadband: the essential utility – Intelligent Community Forum Canada report

From Guiding Principles of Broadband Internet An Internet connection must support these guiding principles to be designated “broadband,” (see  “Endnotes” for technical  specifications  that  underpin  guiding  principles).  The Internet connection must be: Standards  Based Architecture:  The  system  will  interoperate  with  all  other  systems  and  is  easy  to support. Highly Available and Scalable: The network connection is available at any moment in time,  wherever users, places or things need it, any time they need it, and the system can scale in capacity  to all  sessions  and  applications  dynamically  without  significant  additional  capital  outlays  or  system  delays. Symmetrical: the bandwidth (information carrying capacity) of the network connection is  symmetrical. This means the speed and  capacity  of  data  download  and  upload  are  equal.   Symmetry[…]

FMCC members present work at ISED event

KNET Director Penny Carpenter and Susan O’Donnell, FMCC Vice-Chair, presented the work of the FMCC to policy-makers at Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) in Ottawa on January 19. Also participating was Tim Whiteduck, Director of Technology at the First Nations Education Council and FMCC Chair. The presentation focused on research completed by FMCC last[…]

New Building Canada Fund’s small communities fund used to improve Internet connections

From BRIEFS | THE WIRE REPORT PUBLISHED: MONDAY, 01/23/2017 Two rural Ontario areas receive $2.53M to improve connectivity The federal and Ontario governments are making available $2.53 million in funding to improve Internet service in two areas of the province, the federal government announced in a press release Monday. “In King Township, the project will expand[…]

Open Media launches COMMUNITY OWNED BROADBAND information site

Open Media’s new COMMUNITY BROADBAND information web site can be found at Community broadband FAQs WHAT IS MUNICIPAL BROADBAND? Municipal broadband is a public Internet service provided by the community to its residents. Infrastructure is typically invested in by the local government, and is an alternative to Big Telecom’s privately-owned networks. WHO WOULD OFFER[…]

Bell Canada raises their prices for Internet services again

From Bell Canada raising prices on home internet, TV in February Increases primarily affect customers in Ontario and Quebec Bell Canada is increasing monthly prices for a number of its residential communications services, including home TV and internet packages, beginning in February. The increases will primarily affect customers in Ontario and Quebec. According to the Bell[…]

First Mile representative meets with Matawa First Nations broadband team

Brian Beaton met today (Tuesday, January 17, 2017) via videoconference with the Matawa First Nations broadband team during their meetings in Thunder Bay. Brian introduced the Matawa team to the work of the First Mile Connectivity Consortium. Discussions included: introductions Description of the work being undertaken by the Matawa First Nations broadband team What is[…]

Matawa First Nations in northwestern Ontario establishing Telecom company to build and operate their fibre network

from Tuesday, January 17, 2017 MATAWA FIRST NATIONS COMMENCE TALKS WITH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ON NEW FEDERAL BROADBAND FUNDING AND MOVE FORWARD WITH ESTABLISHING A TELECO THUNDER BAY, ON: Matawa First Nations today announced their plans to commence talks with government officials on new federal broadband funding called Connect to Innovate which was launched by the[…]