First Mile Connectivity Consortium (FMCC) receives CIRA grant

May 28, 2015 The First Mile Connectivity Consortium has received new funding support for policy research on broadband infrastructure and services in rural, remote and northern Indigenous communities. We are thrilled to announce that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has awarded the FMCC $30,000. These funds will be used to collect evidence to present at the Canadian Radio-Television[…]

Learn more about Northwestern’s Modernization Plan

Download Northwestel’s updated Modernization Plan (Jan 16, 2013) Download Northwestel’s original Modernization Plan (July 3, 2012) Download Northwestel’s response to several requests to disclose information ( Feb 15, 2012) Visit Northwestel’s website about the hearings. Frequently asked questions from the company Summary – Modernization Plan (from CRTC website) Northwestel’s Modernization Plan outlined the details of a projected[…]

Presentations from First Mile Connectivity Consortium, K’atl’odeeche First Nation, and Eeyou Communication Network

Inuvik Hearing – June 17, 2013 Oral presentation from Eeyou Communication Network DOWNLOAD PDF   Whitehorse Hearing – June 19, 2013 Opening comments from Rob McMahon, First Mile Connectivity Consortium DOWNLOAD DOC    Final spoken comments (slightly different wording) DOC Expert witness testimony from Prof. Heather Hudson DOWNLOAD DOC    Testimony from Brian Beaton, former manager, KO-KNET[…]

Suggested points to make – Sample letter of support CRTC

Here is a suggested template you may want to draw on to intervene in the CRTC Hearings. According to the CRTC, the following information is needed in all interventions: the file your intervention relates to (the notice, application or file number) as well as the applicant’s/licensee’s name; whether you support or oppose the issue or[…]

Information About the CRTC Submission

This page provides background about the issue, the CRTC, benefits of First Nations Community Networks, and our position on the Hearings. Introduction We are an independent not-for-profit research consortium and a First Nation community located in the Northwest Territories. Our work focuses on innovative solutions to broadband infrastructure development with and in rural and remote[…]

2014 – Industry Canada: Spectrum Policy

On October 7, 2014, the FMCC submitted a position paper to Industry Canada regarding Policy Changes in the 3500 MHz Band and a New Licensing Process in Rural Areas  (Reference number: DGSO-003-14). The paper outlined the benefits of a ‘First Mile’ approach to mobile services and infrastructure in Indigenous, remote and northern communities. It also[…]

2014 Industry Canada: Spectrum Policy (3500 MHz Band + AWS)

FMCC made submissions in 2014 to Industry Canada on two different aspects of Spectrum Policy. On October 7, 2014 the FMCC submitted a position paper to Industry Canada regarding Policy Changes in the 3500 MHz Band and a New Licensing Process in Rural Areas  (Reference number: DGSO-003-14). The paper outlined the benefits of a ‘First[…]

2014 CRTC: Let’s Talk TV Consultations

CRTC 2014-190 – ‘Let’s Talk TV’ (Phase 3) The FMCC participated in the CRTC’s ‘Let’s Talk TV’ hearings about television services in Canada. Many remote and rural communities lack access to the digital infrastructure and services necessary to access broadcast programming on an equitable basis. Costs for digital services are high and choices are often[…]

2014 CRTC: Review of Satellite Services

CRTC 2014-44 – Review of Satellite Services In 2014, the FMCC participated in the CRTC’s inquiry about satellite services in Canada. Many First Nations and Inuit communities are dependent on satellite services for telephone services and data applications. However, the CRTC determined that a clear ‘digital divide’ exists between communities that can access terrestrial infrastructure[…]

2013 CRTC: Review of Northwestel’s Modernization Plan

CRTC 2013-669 – Review of Northwestel’s Modernization Plan On June 19 and 20, 2013 the FMCC, K’atl’odeeche First Nation and the Eeyou Communications Network presented to the CRTC regarding several aspects of Northwestel’s proposed Modernization Plan. Generally, the three parties focused on issues of access, affordability, and the potential for infrastructure development in the North[…]