Manitoba First Nations ICT Diploma

Winnipeg – Manitoba

Tuesday, 4 October 2011, 11:34 PM

By Joan Harris-Warren and Jason Woodman Simmonds

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has partnered with the University of Winnipeg, Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre of Excellence,Broadband Communications North, Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba, Clear Concepts and theFederal Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to coordinate and implement the First Nations Information and Communications Technology Diploma.

According to a brochure hosted on the University of Winnipeg website, there are three program goals:

  1. “To graduate 60 students by 2012.” (These students will be trained in both the business and technical aspects of the ICT industry)
  2. “To make sure these students have employment in First Nations communities when they graduate.”
  3. “To build ICT capacities in Aboriginal communities”

With corporate models for connectivity proving inadequate to the needs of remote and rural First Nations communities, having members from the communities trained in the ICT field is an important means of ensuring control of connectivity remains with local First Nations IT Regional Networks and the First Nations communities whose interests they work to represent.


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