FNI team presents research methodologies at U of Alberta

Workshop Title: Engaging Remote Indigenous Communities Using Appropriate Online Research Methods

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Click here for an Adobe Connect recording of the presentation

Brian Beaton and Susan O’Donnell (University of New Brunswick) were invited by FNI co-investigator Dr. Rob McMahon at the University of Alberta to present a workshop about our research methods. The workshop content is based on the chapter in an upcoming book co-authored with David Perley, Director of Mikmaq-Wolastoqey Centre at UNB and Chris George. The reference for the chapter is:

Beaton, B., Perley, D., George, C. & O’Donnell, S. (2017). Engaging Remote Marginalized Communities Using Appropriate Online Research Methods. In In N. Fielding, R. M. Lee & G. Blank (eds.), The Sage handbook of online research methods – 2nd edition, Sage. London, UK.


Researchers require a special relationship and partnership when working with remote Indigenous and marginalized communities. Using online technologies and participatory action research methodologies appropriately can support engagement and empowerment for everyone involved in research with these special groups. Our workshop will share ideas that can be used with marginalized communities in different settings. It will include the presentation of a case study of research with remote Indigenous communities in Canada including an online community questionnaire and other online research strategies. The presentation considers some of the challenges of conducting online research in remote locations. They will propose some solutions to do it respectfully and appropriately while supporting the development of research capacity in the communities, as outlined in their new publication.

Click here for a copy of the presentation

Click here for a copy of the chapter in the Sage Handbook of Online Research

The workshop was hosted by the and the MA in Communications and Technology (MACT) at the University of Alberta.