First Mile Video: Tyendinaga Community Services and ICT

Tyendinaga – Ontario
Monday, 10 September 2012, 03:03 PM
High-speed broadband is essential to the daily operation of many public services within a community. This video showcases some of the struggles two very different community services face when limited connectivity services are available.

In this video, Kathleen Manderville,Principal of Quinte Mohawk School (QMS), discusses the frustration that educators face when a school lacks a proper connection to the Internet. She talks about how the school has access to a wealth of technological hardware, but cannot use it to its full potential.

She explains how the limited Internet connection causes downloading of texts to take several hours, which forces teachers to manually scan materials into students’ computers. She also discusses the Internet as a key to collaboration. She emphasizes the need for a reliable connection so students can better utilize the technological resources available to them.

L'il Crow Cafe
Photo of the L’il Crow Cafe in Tyendinaga
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This video also showcases Kim Maracle, CEO of Native Expressions. This First Nations company has built an outdoor stage at their café and is dedicated to using that space to showcase First Nations artistic talent.

Maracle talks about how difficult it is to run a professional business when she cannot access a stable Internet connection for something as simple as a debit card transaction. She emphasizes the importance of connectivity for First Nations communities, as it helps address feelings of isolation.

These two examples demonstrate the need for reliable broadband systems to meet the needs of the community.

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