First Mile representative meets with Matawa First Nations broadband team

Brian Beaton met today (Tuesday, January 17, 2017) via videoconference with the Matawa First Nations broadband team during their meetings in Thunder Bay. Brian introduced the Matawa team to the work of the First Mile Connectivity Consortium.

Discussions included:

  • introductions
  • Description of the work being undertaken by the Matawa First Nations broadband team
  • What is FMCC and the FMCC activities
  • Partnerships and relationships (past, present and future)
  • Network opportunities
  • Experiences from other fibre network development projects
  • Questions and discussion

The videoconference was facilitated using the KNET video bridge (in Toronto) connection the videoconference unit in the Matawa meeting room (in Thunder Bay) to an online web-based video meeting room located on the Atlantic First Nations Helpdesk server in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Brian dialled into the video meeting room from his home office in Fredericton.