March 27, 2015

Popular Articles, Briefs, Misc Publications

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Publication #49

Reference: First Nations Innovation (2013) First Nations Innovation Licence to Publish: A template for a form used to retain the copyright of publications by First Nations. First Nations Innovation Project: March.

Abstract: This licence template is used by the First Nations Innovation project (project website: The purpose of the licence is to retain copyright for First Nations for articles published in journals, books and other publications. The licence can be used instead of signing over copyright to a publisher for works produced by authors working with First Nations. We have made this licence template available in Word format so that it can be modified and used by other First Nation authors, organizations and projects. Our template is based on the licence used by the Government of Canada to retain copyright for the Crown for articles published by authors who are government employees – we believe that by using this licence the copyright is retained by First Nations for articles published by authors working with First Nations.


Publication #5

Reference: O’Donnell, S. and Kakepetum-Schultz, T. (2008). Videoconferencing Connects Remote Communities. Sagatay. April-May.

Abstract: This short article describes community uses of videoconferencing by remote communities in Northwestern Ontario. It was published in the in-flight magazine of Wasaya Airways.


Publication #4

Reference: VideoCom Research Initiative. (2008). Encouraging Urban Organizations to Videoconference with Remote and Rural First Nations. VideoCom Research Update: March.

Abstract:This one-page report summarizes recent research that underlines the need to encourage urban organizations to use videoconferencing to meet the communication needs of remote and rural First Nation communities.