March 27, 2015

2005-2006: RICTA Publications

Before VideoCom was RICTA – Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities. RICTA began with four of the VideoCom partners – the NRC, UNB, KORI and K-Net. RICTA produced several publications that you can download below.

1. Perley, S. & O’Donnell, S. (2005) Exploring Approaches to Engage First Nations in ICT Research: Examining the Insider-Outsider Spectrum. Canadian Communication Association, University of Western Ontario, London, June.

2. Walmark, B., O’Donnell, S.& Beaton, B. (2005) Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities: Report from RICTA 2005. Community Informatics Research Network 2005 Conference. Cape Town, South Africa. August 24-26.

3. RICTA (2005) Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities:Report of the founding RICTA meeting, March 11, 2005.

4. Susan O’Donnell & Brian Walmark (2005) Poster: Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities (RICTA). Poster at the SSHRC Knowledge Project Conference, Ottawa, February.