December 7, 2021

FMCC responds to CRTC Consultation 2019-45: Consultation on Application Guide for the Broadband Fund

CRTC 2019-45 Application Guide for the Broadband Fund

Posted: February 14, 2019

Call for comments:

CRTC sought comments on eligibility criteria for its new Broadband Fund. FMCC outlined some of its concerns with the CRTC’s draft of  Application Guide for the Broadband Fund including the application guide’s failure to address the unique considerations of non-profit and Indigenous ISPs, and reiterated the need for policy to support access to infrastructure such as towers, poles, and shelters. FMCC expressed its opposition to the proposed change to shorten application deadlines, noted the omission of “in-kind contributions” as part of financial investments, and questioned language used for community consultation eligibility.

FMCC – CRTC 2019-45

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