FMCC File Intervention and Reply Comments on CRTC Broadband Fund

FMCC is participating in CRTC 2017-112 “Development of the Commission’s broadband funding regime”. These public proceedings examine matters related to the establishment of the broadband funding regime, including its governance, operating, and accountability frameworks, as well as eligibility and assessment criteria for proposed projects. For more information, the public notice is posted here.

FMCC is seeking means to ensure access to reliable, affordable and scalable broadband in rural, remote, northern and Indigenous communities, in ways that involve residents of these communities in the provision of digital services. Importantly, our FMCC member organizations provide and support the delivery of broadband-enabled public services such as online education and telehealth, as well as entertainment services for household consumers.

Click on the links below to download our initial submission and reply comments to other interveners:

These proceedings are ongoing. To download submissions from other groups, visit the CRTC’s Open Notices of Consultation page.