FMCC partners with Internet Society in hosting Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2018 in Inuvik


The 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit is an initiative of the Internet Society, University of Alberta, First Mile Connectivity Consortium, the Town of Inuvik, and Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

The Pre-Summit Training Session at University of Alberta in Edmonton

The training session will be held on October 9, 8:30am – 4:30pm for Indigenous people who are currently operating a community network, or who are planning to deploy one.

Training Venue: University of Alberta
Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6, Canada

Check out Dr. Rob McMahon’s blog posting “Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2018: Training Day”

The Indigenous Connectivity Summit is a unique event that focuses on ensuring Indigenous communities can connect themselves to fast, affordable and sustainable Internet. Themed on connecting the last 1,000 miles, this year’s event in Inuvik, Northwest Territories will highlight unique northern connectivity challenges and showcase success stories of Community Networks around the globe to help inspire solutions to improve Internet access for all. We’ll also explore themes including community development and sustainability in a two-day series of panels, presentations and discussions.

Check out the agenda for the Conference at

The entire two day conference was webcast and recorded. The webstream is available at