CanNor’s Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning (CROP) Funding


Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning (CROP)

The Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning (CROP) fund is one of two program contribution streams offered under the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP).

The CROP fund is intended to improve the economic development capacity of Aboriginal communities and increase economic development in the three territories. It achieves this by providing financial support to First Nations and Inuit communities so they can improve their capacity and prepare to plan for, pursue, and participate in economic opportunities.

The goal of CROP is to:

  • Increase community employment
  • Enhance the use and increase the value of resources under the control of the community
  • Generate more community government revenue from economic development
  • Enhance community economic and other infrastructure
  • Develop more and better arrangements to access opportunities from resources that are not under the control of the community
  • Generate more investment in the community
  • Create a better climate and environment for community economic development
  • Generate more and larger community businesses
  • Produce more contracts and sales for community businesses, and
  • Increase the capacity within the community government to seize future economic opportunities.

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Who can apply?

You can apply if you are:

  • A First Nations or Inuit government
  • A First Nations or Inuit tribal council
  • An organization, corporation, association, cooperative, partnership or institution controlled by First Nation or Inuit people (except those established for charitable or religious purposes), and
  • A municipal corporation representing a majority Aboriginal population.

What type of activities qualify for CROP funding?

Funding is considered for activities that:

  • Prepare Aboriginal communities to respond to, pursue, and participate in economic opportunities
  • Seek employment opportunities for community members
  • Develop resources that are under community control
  • Tap into opportunities from resources that are not under community control
  • Promote investment in the community, such as involving and negotiating with potential partners in economic opportunities
  • Carry out research, analysis and advocacy, and
  • Improve the economic development capacity of communities, such as:
    • Carrying out community economic development planning
    • Undertaking capacity development initiatives
    • Developing proposals
    • Making the most of financial resources
    • Performing economic development activities, and
    • Accessing technical and professional expertise and advisory services.

Are there any conditions to the funding?

  • The maximum financial support CROP will provide for any project or activity is 80% of the eligible costs of the project.
  • Applications are assessed on whether the activity aligns with the goals of the CROP funding program.
  • CanNor assesses applications based on the expected economic benefits of the project at the time it the proposal is assessed.

What information do I need to submit when I apply?

Before completing an application form – PDF Version (74 Kb, 10 Pages) applicants are encouraged to call their nearest CanNor office for information about the application, eligibility criteria, and approval process. Potential recipients need to submit documents that show clearly they qualify under the program, along with any information CanNor needs to assess the applicant and/or the project against the CROP criteria. This includes:

  • Information about the applicant
    • Full name and description of the applicant
    • Information on the legal and financial status of the applicant
    • Description of the management and organizational capacity of the applicant
  • Information about the proposed project
    • Detailed description of the project and activities that will be undertaken
    • Timelines for the project
    • Cost forecast of the project and financing details, including all the sources of funding for the project
  • Information about economic outcomes
    • Expected economic benefits of the project, including expected outcomes and proposed performance measures
  • Any other information considered necessary by CanNor to assess the project against the program criteria.

How do I apply?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to a CanNor representative before completing an application form and for more information about the CROP fund, application process, and who and what are eligible.

What happens after I apply?

Applicants will be contacted by a CanNor officer after receiving the signed application to confirm it is complete and discuss next steps.

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