$25 for unlimited Internet is with National Capital FreeNet in Ottawa Housing

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Ottawa Community Houses strikes deal to provide affordable Internet

The special price of $25 for unlimited Internet is a partnership with not-for-profit National Capital FreeNet.

Internet service is often a necessity for children doing their homework.

Ottawa Community Housing has reached a deal with a local internet provider that will provide unlimited internet for tenants at a cost of $25 per month.

Stéphane Giguère, CEO of Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), said the arrangement has been in development for over a year and will help the organization’s 32,000 tenants that are working with a tight budget.

“For all Internet users, we see rates going up as we speak,” he said. “For our tenants, the rates are going down. It’s very positive for them. People are using the internet more and more for communication and education, but also for employment – people go on the internet to find a job,” he said.

Giguère said that access to the Internet is also crucial for the more than 6,000 youth living in OCH properties who need to do their homework or communicate with friends.

The new package is a partnership with not-for-profit National Capital FreeNet.

The deal, which will be available to OCH tenants starting Jan. 3, offers speeds of up to six Mbps and unlimited usage. It will cost $25 per month for those with a telephone landline, or $30 per month for those without.

Like most other Internet providers, the company also requires a modem purchase and an installation fee if a land line doesn’t already exist.

Giguère said it was important that they reach an agreement for unlimited internet, instead of caps that result in surcharges or reduced service.

“By having unlimited you’re not financially exposed to a surcharge from using the Internet,” he said. “For affordability it’s important for it to be predictable. When you are in a situation where your income is limited it could be challenging to have a surprising charge.”

In comparison, Rogers offers a package for $25 a month that includes speeds of up to 5 Mbps and only 25 GB per month. TekSavvy’s lowest rate for DSL Internet is 6 Mbps with a 150 GB cap for $30 a month – the cost rises to $40 per month for unlimited data.

Giguère said even a price difference of $5 or $10 makes a big difference.

“Every dollar makes a difference to tenants living in a low-income situation,” he said.


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Ottawa non-profit ISP launches $25 plan for social housing tenants

THE WIRE REPORT | 01/04/2017 1:01 pm EST

Ottawa’s National Capital Freenet (NCF), a not-for-profit Internet Service Provider (ISP), has launched a $25-per-month unlimited bandwidth Internet plan for tenants of the city’s largest social housing organization.

The organization announced the program on Jan. 3, which was “possible in part because of a recent gift from the estate of one of NCF’s first members, plus ongoing donations from many of their other members,” according to a release on its website.

The plan includes a 6 Mbps DSL connection, free installation, and no contract and is available to tenants of Ottawa Community Housing, NCF said.

Ottawa Community Housing manages two thirds of Ottawa’s social housing, according to its website.

Companies like Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp. launched similar $10 Internet programs last year.